Beginning my book

Someone suggested I write a book about surviving, so here it begins.

In life you have two choices, as I see it, to get through adversity: curl up in a ball and give up or barrel through it and conquer. Curling up is easy, but gets you nowhere but miserable. Barreling through is incredibly brave and difficult, but you come out happy and better.

I chose the latter.

With both, you rely on others for comfort and support. With the former that goes away when others come to see you as a happy victim. With the latter, they see you fight and cheer you on, which only adds to your strength.

Everyone starts out in the victim stage. Let’s face it, the shock of what has happened can be too much for a person to bear.

In my case, the extent of the betrayal and deception was enormous. After having gone through a few major losses previously, I was at a depth I had never experienced before. Somehow, I chose to fight my way to heights I had never thought possible. And I did it without backstabbing, cruelty, or character assassination. Sadly, they resorted to all of it.

When you are fighting your way through adversity, you have to remember, no matter how hard it is, to just rise above the actions of others. Living with jealousy, insecurity, and other destructive emotions will undo a life. Let theirs unravel. It will in time.

Just focus on you. Really. Fill the needs you have. Trust me, that takes up the bulk of your time!


More to come!




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