Building The Life I Dreamed Of

When we got the opportunity to move here there was a checklist I had. Now I am knocking them off one by one myself!

We wanted to be close to family, get good jobs, buy a house….probably this one, and be part of a community.

Well, I added to my family with family and new friends…. I got a great FT job to add to my PT ones and already got a promotion too. I have become part of a community through church and the neighborhood. Bonus: I work out with a trainer.

Today, I finished the list by buying this house!!!

When he chose to break our vows to be with someone else, I chose to pick myself up, use my support system (and what an amazing one I have) and God and become not a victim…not a survivor…not even a conqueror…but an ass kicker!

You have to want something and work hard to make things happen. In 9 short months I have.

He could have built it with me…but I can’t look back. It’s all about the here and now. My life is richer than I ever imagined it could be. 

I can’t believe I actually own this house!!! In my 50th year I have made it happen!!!

Thank you to everyone who supported me. And thank God for walking beside me and teaching me glorious lessons.


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