The Double Edged Sword Of Family

All inWhen you were raised around people constantly, it’s a shock to the system when you’re alone.

I recognize that I am very blessed with many friends and a great church but family is my Achilles heel.

Knowing that it was taken away as callously as it was is more painful than anyone can ever understand unless they have been in my shoes. When you invest so much in people and loved them as deeply as I did the pain is unimaginable.

I was raised to think of family first and that being around them was the end-all be-all of life. But now I have to find my own way and it is difficult.

I will never understand how anyone can turn their back on someone that loved them unconditionally.

The hardest part is holidays which I used to love. Because that was the day that I was able to be around family and truly be a part of one.

Now it’s just a simple reminder that I have to make my way by myself and that I am the only one that puts myself in the number one priority position.

It’s a shame because I love 100% and I give 100% to those I love. But it was wasted.


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