Why Can’t People Be Selfless More?

Credit: dreamstime.com

There is a beautiful friend that is going through hell and it is all because of a selfish decision.

She and her beautiful children are struggling because a man cannot get his shit together. If I were closer I would drive over and be there for her, but the phone has to suffice.

If he was honest and not blinded by “wants” he would see that he is destroying something better than he will ever have again. It amazes me how our stories are similar.

He changed right before her eyes and she did what she could to support him, give him space, and try to communicate. He wouldn’t have any of it. Instead, to quell his dissatisfaction with himself and to feel “like a man,” he opted to have someone else he could feel better with.

I completely see it because I experienced it. Sadly, it’s only a temporary fix like heroin. Sure he will feel better for a while, but then real life will creep back in and the high will be gone. So will his family.

You can’t do damage like that and not feel the aftermath. She…and I….just need to move forward and build a new life. I have. I only hope she can too.

Vows are no small thing. If you can’t MEAN IT when you say “for better or for worse” don’t drag someone down with you. Be a man…or a woman…and leave before you do.

Do something SELFLESS for once.


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