A Farewell to Dandalion

Lee Ann Taylor

Dandalion & Tracy Byrd

Today, some colleagues and I traveled to Canadensis, PA to pay tribute to Gwyneth “Dandalion” Seese.

I was asked to speak, so ran through some memories deciding which to use.

Maybe the one when Dandy (that’s what we called her) kicked off her moccasins as she entered the studio to do her show and, as I looked down at them I noticed one was blue and one was brown. She caught my smirk and followed my gaze “Oh s**t!” was all she said, then thought a minute and finished with “no one sees us anyway!”

Or the great night with Tracy Byrd being both interviewed and playing DJ. Then there was the fact that she was the most straight forward person I ever met and taught me more than I will ever understand.

From 1997 until her retirement in 2002, I had the pleasure of being her assistant. From the second I met her, she took me under her wing and taught me to hone my already good ear for music. That was just the tip of the iceberg of what I learned.

For the last couple of years she was at WCAT, I had the pleasure to help produce her show and be her assistant, I worked 3 days of the week for free. The company said they could only pay me for 2 days and I decided that the opportunity…..and friendship…..was more important than the money. Dandy was amazed that I did that. My thought was, she EARNED an assistant and producer and I was honored to be there.

It was the best time of my radio life thus far.

Or I could reiterate that radio was supposed to be about 2 things above all: the music and the listeners. To catch it up to today’s thinking: some may say revenue is number one, but without the two things named above there¬†is no revenue. It’s a fact that some need to learn.

You get the idea of my talking point choices. Then, her granddaughters came up and spoke. That changed everything. They talked about how much the weekends she came home meant to them and how precious every moment spent was.

You see, Dandy lived in Canadensis, but also rented an apartment in Mt. Joy, PA to work at the station. They are a good distance apart. 2 and a half hours to be precise.

So, what happened when I approached the mic at the church to share? I gave my name and proceeded to lose it.  All I could say was a thank you to the family for sharing her with us. I was not about to share my stories when her family was missing her so and wanting more time with her. That would be selfish.

Instead, I chose what should have been said years ago and walked away feeling even more blessed.

Love and thanks Dandalion.


One thought on “A Farewell to Dandalion

  1. Very very nice tribute. I loved every word and Dandy. Thank you.


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