Deflategate: The Bigger Issue

NocheatingToday was teaming with discussion about cheating, thanks to the NFL handing down deflategate punishments to Tom Brady, the New England Patriots, and staff members of the team.

I must say that the bigger issue has been lost on almost everyone.  You may not get away with cheating, but you get to keep its spoils.

Cheaters do, in fact, win.

What a horrible thing to teach, but that is what is happening. We hear of whole school systems using cheating to make their performance look better (at the expense of the students), massive student cheating at Ivy League colleges, and now a future Hall of Fame football player.

Not one offender was “hobbled” by their punishment. So, hey, why not try? After all, if we get caught, it’s not a big deal.

The discussion people are having needs to switch from it being about Tom Brady and the Patriots to society and how we got here. How do we move to make this a teachable moment?  I don’t know, but we need to.

My only advice? Stop looking outward, making excuses, or using others as an example of how to act.


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