NASCAR Needs to Re-tighten Its Lug Nut Rules

Stewart Haas Racing

Stewart Haas Racing

I scratched my head when NASCAR opted to ease its tire/lug nuts rule.

In the old system, officials made sure all 5 lug nuts got tightened on the wheel. Now, teams are to “self police” with safety in mind.

So, how’s that working out? Not well! In Bristol, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was one of at least 5 drivers that had a vibration and it cost him the race. It has caused accidents and is definitely NOT working.

It is blatantly obvious that self policing is not possible in NASCAR. Teams are opting to shave time off pitstops by tightening only 3 lug nuts. Really? Even I know that in physics, this does not make for a stable wheel! Duh.

How will this be resolved? When someone gets hurt, NASCAR will take a new look at it. Otherwise, I think they won’t touch it. The situation will not get better.

You can bet, however, that Jeff Gordon’s team will never do the 3 lug nut thing again. It actually cost him a win this year. Not acceptable!

My parting shot? It is amazing to me that an organization that touts their plethora of safety procedures, turned a blind eye to safety by easing the rule to begin with.


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