Good Luck Trying to Figure Out the Chip Kelly-Tim Tebow Move

I can’t help but think that Eagles fans need to hear the song “Let It Go” several times.

Just to be transparent, I am a lifetime Philadelphia Eagles fan. here have been some boneheaded moves by coaches over the years. Even the great Dick Vermeil and Andy Reid screwed up. But I have never seen so many people constantly question the moves of Chip Kelly.

Here is what needs to be said very loudly to everyone. STOP IT! What I see and hear today is ridiculous. the critics bitching about Tim Tebow being signed to a one year deal, the sports writers acting like they know what Chip Kelly may be thinking, and the supporters doing the same.

I learned one thing about Chip Kelly that most apparently haven’t; you do not attempt to guess what he is doing. That’s like trying to figure out Bill Belicheck. It ain’t happenin.

This is the time to shut up and watch the chess game being played. Eagles fans you need to sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s not like we have anything to lose.


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