The Trick to Reinventing Yourself


Lee Ann Taylor

Lee Ann Taylor

I have to admit, that no matter how many times I reinvent myself, it is a scary thing to do. So how in the world do you make it happen?

Easy. Just jump in and do it. Seriously. Screw the fear. That’s how I did it. Look at what I survived:

Major life changes have happened steadily since 2003. That is when I left my ex and moved to another part of PA. Keep track. That’s move #1.

I got let go from a job in 2004. I was on my own and so, I jumped at the chance to prove myself. I did.  Move #2 – Delaware.

Then in 2006, my grandmother passed away. She was amazing and one of my biggest role models. I had just started a new job, a step up the ladder from the 2004 job.  Move #3 – New Jersey.

In 2008, I was again laid off. Radio was bleeding jobs left and right and I was one of the drops. So, I moved to within one mile of Kendall Park, NJ, where I first grew up and learned about radio. I took 2 part time jobs in radio. One all the way in Atlantic City and one 5 minutes from my new home. The AC job didn’t last long, I couldn’t afford the gas. But the Magic 98.3 job did. Coincidentally, this was the same building as my best friend’s father worked. Crazy! Move #4.

So, how do I rebound from that insanity and find a solid job? Make friends with a CNN anchor and go on the air for my ’30 Second Pitch.’  It worked. I ended up in Binghamton, New York at WAAL/WHWK. Move #5.

While in Binghamton, I moved to a second apartment. Move #6. Then, I met my husband and we moved to his home. Move #7.

In 2012, my Uncle sold our family summer home that had been part of our family for over 7 generations. It was like losing a parent; earth shattering. I haven’t recovered for that yet.

Around the time we lost the summer home, my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. I spent a lot of time going back to Jersey to be with him. He died in January of 2014. Even though I knew he would be leaving us, it still devastated me.

Here we are in the present. I lost my job in March after a 5 year run and we are planning to head to Charlotte to begin again. It’s time to reinvent once more.

Depression may try and slow my transformation, but it never succeeds. I’ve got talent, intelligence, and Faith on my side.

Bring it on bitch! Move #8 here we come!







One thought on “The Trick to Reinventing Yourself

  1. There is an obvious lesson here for all- do NOT give up. You are a strong lady Lee Ann. I can’t wait to hear where your new chapter begins. You are a great inspiration, an amazing talent and a good friend.,


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